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    Horse Fetlock Boost made using finest English Sedgwick leather and premium New Zealand Sheep liner.

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    Horse Tendon Boots made using finest English Sedgwick leather. Let us develop your designs for you.


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    Horse Classic Front Boots with strap closure made from premium English Sedgwick leather.

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Quality is not a coincidence !

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    Trusted Expertise & Support!

    Colonial Saddlery is an India based manufacturer and exporter of fine English leather equestrian products. Our production expertise includes saddles and tack for different English disciplines including General Purpose, Dressage, Endurance, Hunter-Jumper, and Eventing among others. The remarkable experience and trusted expertise of our craftsmen has allowed us to offer our customers world class strap goods including bridles, girths, reins, browbands, nosebands, martingales, breastplates, horse boots, and other riding equipment and accessories. Our products are made from the finest English and European leathers using old-world crafting techniques - one product at a time. Through our manufacturing excellence, we are committed to deliver the highest quality products and support to our customers around the world. 

  • We have a Sales Office in the United States that communicates more effectively and efficiently with you and helps the production team in India understand the unique needs of your brand. As a result, you avoid the woes that inevitably come with the overseas manufacturing and you get a guaranteed world class product with no surprises!

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    Know Your Leather - It Matters !

    Rethink the quality of the leather used in your products because the safety of the rider and the horse depends on it. Nothing is more important than the Safety and therefore the use of a leather that is not up to the task, just isn't an option. That's why Colonial uses and recommends only the finest quality bridle and saddle leathers from top English dressers and curriers such as English J&E Sedgwick. These leathers are pit tanned and dressed using traditional methods and materials to preserve the high content of natural oils and fats giving them the critically needed extra tensile strength and longevity.

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