A horse is a horse, right? May be not. In a world full of horses, every once in awhile comes along a Great Horse whose legend lives forever.

Yes, some have pedigree and others have to work their way to greatness.

We're a professionally run young company without a pedigree set out to achieve perfection. In India, we have assembled an amazing team of talented and highly experienced craftsmen who take pride in the high standards of their workmanship. Their skills combined with our dedicated and professional staff has given us a very skilled and efficient team obsessed with achieving excellence and precision.

The two single most things that set us apart from other manufacturers out of India and beyond is our extraordinary attention to detail and our commitment to uphold the professional integrity in our business dealings.

We realize that our products are used under punishing conditions and therefore must be extraordinarily durable and be able to endure not only the elements but also a sweaty horse. In fact, the safety of the rider and the horse depends on the quality of our products and this is something we don't take lightly. Considering this, we recommend to our customers and use only the finest quality bridle and harness leathers from the top English and Italian tanners & curriers. These leathers are developed to preserve the high content of natural oils and fats giving them minimal stretch and maximum strength. This in turn provides not only the critically needed endurance and resilience but also makes them very comfortable to use and appealing to the eye.

Now, while the strength and durability are obviously the most critical concerns, the comfort of the rider and the horse is equally important. A safe and durable product is no good if it is not comfortable to the rider and the horse. This is where the workmanship of our craftsmen comes into play. Through their passion and creativity, they meticulously construct a world class riding equipment that is not only durable but also very comfortable to both the rider and the horse.

Here are a few important things that separate our world class products from the rest:

  • Top quality English and Italian leathers used for minimal stretch and maximum strength.
  • Old-world craftsmanship: each product handcrafted and manually finished.
  • Each stitch is precisely sewn for optimum durability and beauty using the finest sewing machines such as German Derkopp Adler.
  • Stitched with heavy duty nylon threads such as Coats Koban and Terko Satin for ultra durability.
  • Each thread trimmed for a clean and finished look.
  • Hand rubbed - rounded and sealed edges to protect the fibers of the leather from the elements and sweat.
  • Solid stainless steel hardware for strength, excellent aesthetics, and easy cleaning.
For us, product quality is more than complying to specifications – it's the net result of many talented people's efforts throughout the development and production of a product through the provision of service for that product. From leather selection to quality control, everyone plays a pivotal role. When each individual performs their job to the highest level, the final outcome will be a quality product. This results in our craftsmen taking pride in the standard to which they hold their own work – providing our customers with a product that sets the standard within the industry and redefines its own standard with each new challenge and opportunity.

With our ability to meet a diverse range of customer requirements for quality, on time delivery and responsive action, we are ready to take on the challenge of meeting the needs of your Brand. Since we do not manufacture a product of our own, all our efforts are directed toward satisfying customer product requirements. Experience has demanded that we not only maintain competitive pricing, and on-schedule deliveries, but also a flexible relationship. At Colonial Saddlery, we understand that customer service is the most important part of our business.

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